First Timer Intro 4 Pk of Lessons for just $240 - New Clients Only. Expires 12/31/19

Step-Up Program

Go from Walking to Scoring in just a few short weeks! 0-60!

The Step-Up Program is designed to take complete newbies, given them a structured curriculum, incorporate on the ground learning and in the saddle, shaping a well rounded beginner player.



Four Consecutive Weeks, Twice a Week

The course is designed to the new player up and running in the shortest amount of time without skipping important safety basics.

*Dates Still To Be Determined!*  

Likely Schedule: Wed 6pm Sun 10am

Actual Schedule may vary but if you are interested in signing up, please commit to a twice per week routine for 4 consecutive weeks.

This program in *NO WAY* Restricts you from playing with the club members on other days of the week. You may join at any time, at any level.  This is simply a starter program you may leave/stop at any time, but no refunds will be given for  leaving the program after Week 1.

Tentative Syllabus


Week 1

Learn to tack the horse, saddle and bridle, all the basic equipment and beginner polo hitting and strategy. Introduction to the many rules within the sport of polo.

How long does it take to get better?  Seven times longer if you only do it once per week.  Which is why this course is designed to expedite your commitment to the sport and you leave a more understanding, safe, thoughtful and respectful beginner polo player.

Week 2

Implement the information from Week 1, and ride some more, refining your rhythm in the saddle, swinging the mallet, and implementing the basic rules of polo

Week 3

Learning to identify fouls as they occur in polo. Learning to clean tack, identify problems in the horse's body, horse care, conditioning and horse ownership.

Week 4

End of Program conclusion, graduation and incorporation into regular club chukkers with club members.  


Email to Inquire about Pricing.

Pricing will include:

*Two Sessions Per Week

*Horse Rental Included

*Lectures for one lesson for part of day.

*Refreshments During the Sessions

* Graduation Gift for Completing the Program

*Initiation Fee ($100) to Poway Valley Riders Association and Pro-Rated membership dues to PVRA ($65 for Singles, $130 Whole Family for prorated 2018 dues (Nov & Dec Only for a Non-Working Membership. All Memberships expire in December and need to be renewed in January.)  Review membership options at www.pvra.com.


Q:  What do I need to wear for this:

A:  White pants (traditional polo attire) and boots with a cut out heel.  If you have a riding helmet already, bring it. If you don't have one, please go to Mary's Tack and Feed or BITS Equestrian Outlet to buy new/used boots and helmets for your comfort and safety on the horse.

Q: Can I bring my kids too? 

A: Yes, you may bring kids as young as 12 to participate in the program but they must commit to the weekly sessions, and they must pay separately as a participant. 

Q:  How long will it take me to get good at polo?

A: If you are brand new to riding, learning to ride, hit and play all at the same time is overwhelming, but definitely achievable. Do not be deterred because you don't know how yet, that's what the program is for!    The more frequently you commit, the faster you'll improve. 

If you choose to ride every day, you'll get better seven times faster than if you choose once a week.  Ride 3x per week, you'll take about 2 months to get comfortable to ride and play at the same time, maybe sooner, depending on how fearless, athletic and confident you are.  

On the reverse of that, do not be deterred that just because you're taking it slower doesn't mean you're not doing as well. There is NO pressure, in any way, shape or form, for you to progress faster than you are able, and your comfort level allows.  If you want to ride walkie-polo for a few months, you do it. Just don't give up!

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Your purchase reserves your spot in the limited slots available for the program. If we are full, you may sign up for another round after the current or upcoming one concludes.  Please send a deposit of $200

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