First Timer Intro 4 Pk of Lessons for just $240 - New Clients Only. Expires 12/31/19

Polo Lesson & Polo Rental Information


First Timer Intro Lessons

Polo takes place on horseback, but you do not need to already be a rider to start learning polo. Polo is fun at every level, I promise!  At the walk, you'll still have fun.   We have a special promotion for those trying polo for the first time.  Receive TWO lessons for just $50.  

Beginner Polo Lessons

These lessons are tailored to the individual on learning the balance, position, game rules, hitting and strategy.  Private Lessons and Youth Pricing Available.

Interscholastic Youth Polo

Poway Polo Club has an extensive and well established interscholastic history over the last two decades.  In 2018, Poway Polo's Varsity team won Regionals and represented our region at Nationals.  A huge legacy a long time in the making.

We have a fine coaching staff to bring up any new player into the ranks of competitive interscholastic competition.  My horses are available for rent during the interscholastic practice season and for the local tournaments.  The Interscholastic program and season runs from about November to March, and can be done officially through the middle school and high school the rider attends.  The USPA has a very thorough and extensive program so that polo can be made accessible to students during their formative years, and even into their collegiate years.  Head to www.uspolo.org for more information.

Club Chukker Rentals & Tournaments

We have a wonderful string of competent, easy, skilled polo horses for your rental needs.  If you are a 1 goal player or above, we encourage you to secure your own mount,  as these horses are not used to playing hard and fast, but for the beginners up to a rated 0 goal player, we can provide horses for you for club practices and tournaments.  

We are also available for rental horses and hauling to attend local and regional tournaments.  Rentals and Hauling pricing is different than regular rentals.  Inquire with us!    Price typically based on distance of the tournament from our home club. 

SELF-SERVICE - All quote are self-service prices, based on the student or renter being involved and learning to do it themselves, gradually weaning off of supervision, to created a more well rounded polo player who is self sufficient. 

FULL GROOMING SERVICE:  If you prefer to have your horse tacked and untacked for you when you rent, that may be arranged and the price will reflect the additional care.

Polo Is For Everyone

The oldest person I've ever met to begin polo and horseback riding, was 73.  The oldest person I know who continues to play is 81.  Polo can be done at any speed, and therefore it is for any age, for anyone. As long as you're strong enough to hold and swing the mallet, nothing can stop you.

Come Play With Us!

With 2 different polo club locations to choose from, we've got everything you need to get started.  Visit either location: 

Poway Polo Club (Year Round & Youth Program)

Hosted at Poway Valley Riders Association

14336 Tierra Bonita Rd. Poway, CA 92064

San Diego Surf Polo Club (Summer Only, the only full sized grass field within 2 hours of San Diego)

14989 Via De La Valle, Del Mar, CA 92014, back entrance to Surf Cup Sports Park.

You know you've always wanted to try it!  Now's your chance.  You won't regret it. Go only the speed you're comfortable going, and you'll be great. See you soon!