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Gillian’s lessons are great for riders of any level. I came to her with lots of riding experience but zero polo experience, and I was coming back from a long hiatus. She got me comfortable in the saddle right away and from there was able to tailor lessons to keep me interested, challenged, and constantly learning. She emphasizes safe riding, good horsemanship, and building strong foundation skills, and all along the way you learn that polo is a total and complete blast to play! 

Stacy S.


Gillian is my go-to instructor to introduce my friends to horse riding, horsemanship, and polo.

Her horses are forgiving for beginners, yet athletic enough for students to stick with the same horse as they transition to faster, more aggressive riding and polo. Gillian focuses on overall horsemanship, rather than only riding skills. To me, that’s  important for beginners.

Over the years, I’ve referred many friends to Gillian for themselves and their children, and those friends always thank me once they start. Long lessons and flexible scheduling make her school stand out. People always tell me that they appreciate her ability to accommodate their busy schedules.

Bryan T.


As a coach in professional athletics for over 20 years, I recognize qualities of good instructors and coaching in any sport. Gillian truly encompasses the characteristics of what is required to teach polo and riding. She teaches how become a proficient polo player and skilled rider. She is excellent at communicating and teaching students from beginner to advanced, youth to adult. I find her personality to be highly supportive in the process of developing skills & technique. She is very personable and great at introducing the skills needed to become proficient and not a liability while playing. Finally, her knowledge on horses and horsemanship are superb in developing the confidence to become a skilled rider and player. I would certainly recommend her as instructor to anyone and look forward to her continued coaching my own development as a polo player and rider.

Sean Cochran


I used to ride a lot and have my own horses when I was younger, but now that my kids are grown I want to get back into riding. I’ve tried to start polo a couple times. i’ll try to get into it and then i just get upset that everyone just wants to go fast and not care about the rules. the referees do not seem interested. I really like these lessons for learning the rules, being nice to the horse and learning to ride so everyone can be safe and under control in the lessons when your trying to learn. It was tough to find a club that had what i wanted with horses i liked riding.




I’ve never seen my son so happy on a horse as when he is taking a polo lesson with Gillian. She makes it fun, keeps my teenage son interested, and renewed his interest in horseback riding. I even have a horse and I have to beg him to come out and ride with me. He just wants to play polo now. Her lessons are fun and her emphasis on safety and rules is important to me as a nervous mom. She keeps my son and his friend under control so they don’t get too crazy with the horses in the lesson and I’m so happy for him when he is done with the lesson. She’s really a great teacher and I feel safe putting my son in her hands, on her horses. I recommend Gillian and her lesson program for anyone starting out. Safety and fundamentals are her priority. And fun, also fun.




What makes Gillian and her riding program so special is her attention to detail in teaching what you need to know instead of what you think you want to know. I never realized how much I needed to know until she took the time to explain it all. All aspects. Preparing the horses, riding, taking the equipment off and then putting them away. She cares about the horses and that shows every day. She will teach you what she loves and why she loves it and it is contagious. I recommend Gillian to get started with polo.

John M.


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